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Want to begin speaking, reading, and writing Creole in a few hours, not days, weeks, or months? Have you been traveling to Haiti, but have not been able to pick up the language or are you getting ready to travel to Haiti or another Creole speaking country and would like to learn basic conversation before you embark on your journey? Want to impress your significant other? Want your significant other to speak your mother tongue but don’t have the time or patience to teach them?
I am Jacques Julmice, a native of Haiti, I am fluent in 4 languages: Creole, my mother tongue of course, French, English, and Spanish, and I know a few words in at least 20 other languages. I have traveled extensively for business and pleasure and I developed a technique to learn a few words in the local language before traveling to all the countries I have visited. Some of the languages include Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Amharic, Finish, German.
For years I used my knowledge of Creole to earn extra income as a freelance translator / interpreter, translating documents for various State agencies, hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, and other major corporations. Over the years, I developed a passion for the language, have done extensive research, and have helped many individuals read, write, and speak Creole.
By combining my passion for Creole and the technique I have used over the years to learn the foreign languages I know, I have developed a brand new methodology that I call #Kreglish to enable English speakers to begin speaking Kreyòl in a matter of minutes. I offer distance one on one coaching sessions to people just like you. I typically meet my clients using Skype, Xoom or FaceTime. I am also open to using your preferred tool. You can buy individual session à la carte or choose from several different packages.
I also offer Haitian Creole to English translation services – The vast majority of translation service companies take your document and hand it over to a translator they have never met. For years I was one of those translators, worked for many companies as a free lancer, but never met the company owners or any other employees of the company. In most cases, the company you are doing business with does not have an employee on staff who can double check the work of the translator. Hiring a second freelancer to review the work of the original translator is not an option unless that cost is passed on to you. I handle your work quite differently; a family member, a former student I trust or I will personally handle your translation with all the care it deserves.
Want proof that I can help you start speaking Creole in the next few minutes? Give it a try; download a fee copy of the double sided bookmark, the Creole Quick Start Guide, I especially designed to get you speaking right away. Click image to download printable pdf version.
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