Jacques Julmice

Creole 101

This introduction to Creole uses the most effective methodology for learning Creole, which I call #Kreglish.

Once you master this short lesson, you’ll be able to read and write just about anything in Creole. Not only will you be able to compose some simple sentences, but you’ll gain confidence in understanding the more complex areas of the language. More importantly, if you travel to a Creole-speaking country, even with limited knowledge of the language, you’ll be able to teach others how to read and write words such as A, An, Ale, Ban, or Pale in their native tongue. Those words aren’t just English, they’re also Creole with identical spelling.

Learn Creole using Celebrities’ Names


Learn to pronounce the vowels and some key blends using the above control and use those sounds by reading some words using the below widget.

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