Creole 102

In this lesson we’re going to build on what we covered in Creole 101 and see the additional similarities between the two languages.

In the previous lesson we saw two variations of the famous sentence with the celebrities’ names and introduced two pronouns. Do you remember what they are?

The first one is written in English, while the second is written in Creole to help you get comfortable with reading Creole, which is what you’ll soon be able to do after taking a handful of lessons like this one!



But for this lesson, we’re going to jump straight into conjugation, all while continuing to use the words and expressions you’re already familiar with. Keep in mind that we’re working on your pronunciation (a challenge you would typically tackle last) using the conventional methods. But our #Kreglish methodology allows you to dive into pronunciation immediately and with minimal effort. We’ll use the following words: lap, map, nap, yap, and you’ll get to pronounce them as you normally would in English.


When you’re done with the lesson, click here to take a short quiz on the material we covered. For best result, take the quiz immediately. Depending on your score, go back, review the course material, and take the quiz as many times as needed. Click HERE to access.


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