Jacques Julmice

Kreyòl Assignments

Week 4 Assignment

For this week, the assignment is to translate as much as you can from the image below, which we’ve seen the past 2 weeks. Some tips to help you out:

  1. Take advantage of the cognates, words that are basically the same across the two languages. They’re spelled slightly differently in most cases and they’re also pronounced differently, except for a few exceptions. However, they have the exact same meaning. This exercise is mostly to get you used to recognizing those cognates whenever you encounter them.
  2. There are certain key words that you won’t recognize; that’s by design. This is also to get you used to figuring out the meaning of a complete sentence without knowing all the words that make up the sentence. Google the words you don’t know individually; don’t Google the whole sentence. In most cases, Google will do a very bad job for you. 🙂 Their translations aren’t accurate yet, especially for our language that isn’t as popular as French, and Spanish for example. Those new words are good candidates for memorization and for you to use in conversation as soon as you can and as often as you can.
  3. Read the entire writeup at least a couple of times if time permits. Remember not to pronounce the n in the nasals like an, en, on. However, the second n is pronounced when it’s doubled as in: ann, enn, and onn.

Here is the write up to be translated. Further down you’ll also find a link to the presentation for the katriyèm semèn in pdf format and a link to the Zoom recording of the last class. 

I look forward to addressing your feedback, questions, and concerns on IG or in the Klas Kreyòl la fb group


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