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With an experience of 18 years in the Haitian Creole Translation to and from English and French, JacquesJulmice has earned the trust of it’s customers. Our flawless translation process is a product of extensive professional experience tied with native experts in translation ,promising you quality and accuracy at it’s finest.

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Legal Translation Services by jacquesJulmice

Legal documentation is the foundation of your life. From birth to marriage to becoming parents, a human has to go through several life transitions that have to be documented. If you’re worried about not having a professional Haitian creole legal translator, we’ve got your back. Whether you need to get a translation service in creole for a child’s adoption requirements, any kind of paperwork to submit documents in your native creole language, we are here to take care of it all. Our translation service experts will do a flawless work on your legalese, along with complying to the standard regulations. Email or contact us with your Haitian creole legal translation service requirements, and expert linguists will professionally do your work. 

Certified Translations easing your Journey

For our native Haitians who wish to move to the US our certified translation services would make their move a lot easier. 

You can trust us with your personal documents, licenses, certificates , medical. reports, divorce decrees, police reports and passports. For urgent procedures get your urgent custom quote and get your documents translated in a day.

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Have a look at the Key Features in our Document Translation Process:


Connecting to an Expert Translator

On receiving your documents our first step begins by connecting you to our industry expert native translators who thoroughly understands your project. A strategic approach is adapted to get your documents translated.


Translating your Project

The next step is getting your documents translated by our professional creole translator, our customers are updated throughout the process, letting no stone unturned in providing an accurate translation.


Receive your Translated Documents Timely

A crucial feature of Translation process at JacquesJulmice is timely turnarounds. We understand and value your time, this we keep the process efficient alongside delivering accurate and targeted translations.

we Understand Your Struggles

At JacquesJulmice our client’s satisfaction and trust is valued, we make getting translation services hassle free so you can prepare for your next step.

What Industries do we provide Services in?

our professional Translation services Include:

business translation

Business Translation Services

In this digital era of digital marketing and E-commerce, business translation services are a must for you. Interacting with your audience in their native tongue is the best you can do for your business. For an exceptional translation to and from Haitian Creole, you will need us. Let us help you translate your business content/emails/brochures/letters by our expert Haitian creole linguists. To launch an effective marketing strategy for your business in Haiti get your English to Creole translation service at a custom quote. We assure you, getting your business translation services in Creole by us will be the best investment you make.

HealthCare Translation Service

Like any other industry, healthcare vitally requires documents and translation services. For hospital formalities, birth and death certification, healthcare translation to and from Haitian Creole is an essential requirement. Get your important healthcare translation service from an expert Creole linguist. Do not compromise on the quality of your translations when it comes to sensitive documents like medical reports.


Medical reports tell a doctor about the patient’s history, diagnosis and treatment. Imagine getting one of the aspects wrong due to poor translation in your medical report. Nobody can afford that risk, that is why we recommend getting your healthcare translation services by JacquesJulmice. Where customer’s well-being is our priority.

Health Translation Services

About Haiti

About Haiti-translations in creole

Haiti occupies a small space in the Caribbean Sea and forms the 3rd western part of Hispaniola. Port-au-prince is the capital of Haiti. The descendants of Haiti’s population largely originate from African slaves and it is the 2nd American country to get independence from colonial rule. 

The language of Haiti, Haitian Creole, is spoken by the majority of the Haitian population. It is simply referred to as Creole forms its foundation from French. But French and Creole have distinctively different dialects and tenses which is why both languages cannot be deemed as the same.

 Unfortunately, Haiti hasn’t been very lucky in terms of better health, education, and economic facilities due to various natural disasters that have led to the masses being affected. The migration of native Haitian people to other states in the US and Canada is understandable. JacquesJulmice is here with the creole translation services to allow hassle-free creole to English translation helping natives to migrate by our professional translators.


Why cannot I get Translation by Machines?

Machine translations are not useful when dealing with important documents. Machine translations can only help to some extent, if you’re trying to understand a language for short day to day conversation or a search query. Your legal, healthcare, financial, business documents require manual translation to or from creole for desired results. The primary factor is getting your message across in the right context. A machine no matter how smart or artificially intelligent, cannot understand the sensitivity and significance of your document.

Our Native Haitan Creole Translators at your service 24/7

Urgent tasks require urgent solutions and what good a service is if it is not available when you need it. Our Native Translators from Haiti are available to deliver your services on an urgent basis. Just contact us via email or phone and we’ll be able to accommodate you easily.


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