Jacques Julmice

A Great Starting Point

If you’re a beginner, this is a great starting point. Use the images below to have a complete conversation in Creole right away even if you had no prior of knowledge. This is a sequence that’s practical and fitting for communicating with friends, kids or parents, siblings, and even your spouse or partner.

Please watch the video following the below images where we’ll take you to the next step in the process and the next step after that. Towards the bottom of the page, we’ve even set up a quiz for you to test your knowledge. Study this page as many times as required; my recommendation is to become familiar with every word and every sentence on this page and to know exactly in which context to use them. Don’t ever miss any opportunity to practice your Creole; the only way to get good is to practice regularly. 

Surprise your parents or your partner if you’re in a relationship with a Haitian by telling them out of the blue: “Key Saudi” or “Lee pat dim” or “Map so T poo come”. 

DM or email me to let me know how that conversation goes. I have no doubt you’ll get a few laughs; don’t worry ;laughing is good. It doesn’t mean they’re making fun of you. It’s a sign that they appreciate that you’re trying or they’re surprised that you know such complex sentences. Keep on trying, practice every chance you got and keep at it. Make a note of every word and every expression; we’ll let you what to prioritize. This method is designed to make Creole learning less intimidating and more fun; there’s no other method that will introduce you to the language in this manner where the first words you utter is a meaningful question: “S K lap so T”.

Thank You Dear Family & Friends for Your Support. Appreciate You!

Ensure you watch the above video before taking the quiz

Take the quiz here on this page and view the answers on the spot. If you prefer and have access to MS PowerPoint, you may download an interactive PowerPoint file here. If you chose the latter, you’ll need to save after you answer each question and email me the file, which will contain your answers. Note that this quiz isn’t intended to test how much Creole you know. The intent is to for you to get used to the process and to help you build a solid foundation that will make your learning process less challenging, more fun, and more efficient.