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If you’re learning Creole, are interested in learning, or you’re just curious, I invite you to spend a few minutes on this page. The below image is packed with an enormous amount of information that’s going to challenge you in a fun way, I hope, and help you teach yourself Creole with very little effort. 

At first look this chart won’t seem that useful to you. I’ll need you to trust the process and trust that it can keep you busy for days, depending on  how quickly you want to learn, and by the time you’re done with it,

  • you’ll grasp various concepts,
  • you’ll make considerable progress in terms of pronunciation,
  • you’ll learn to ask 3 different types of questions,
  • of course you’ll also learn to answer those questions,
  • you and I will analyze different types of sentences and verb tenses,
  • you’ll be able to identify a question vs  an affirmative statement vs a negative statement, 
  • we’ll get into conjugation,
  • you’ll learn a whole lot about the pronouns,
  • we’ll help you identify practical verbs you can easily pronounce,
  • and finally you’ll know enough to begin reading Creole.

All of this can happen in a few hours if you’re an experienced language learner. I have several polyglots from all over the world following me on Social Media; those guys and gals will chew this chart up in just a few hours. If this is only your second language, I suggest you go much slower. However you need to practice what you’re learning here as soon and as often as possible.

If you’re familiar with my social media posts, you’ll remember that most of my posts have 3 sentences, the English sentence you’re learning in Creole, the Kreglish version, which is the version you can read that sounds Creole, and finally the Creole equivalent. Each sentence typically has a corresponding flag to differentiate which is which. The chart below would be too busy if I included all 3 sentences. I’m also starting to think that by providing all 3 sentences, I’m not giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself when I spoon-feed you so much detail. You’ll get more out of this thinner version because it will force you to communicate with me by adding questions or comments in the comments section below or by sharing this page or chart with a native speaker and have them go over it with you and help you practice.

If you decide to work on it with a friend or a loved one, I’ll provide some guidelines below. If on the other hand, you want to make this dynamic and work with me directly and other visitors to this post, I look forward to reading your comments and questions.

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