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FAQS Creole Language Translation Services

Ans: Haitian Creole is simply referred to as Creole, it is a french based language which came into existence by the interactions of African slaves( West African) with French traders.

Haitian Creole is the most popular of the Creole languages and spoken by 95% of Haitians.

Ans: Approximately a 100 creole languages have been spoken since the 15th century.

All of the creole languages primarily originated from European languages, French and English at the top. 

We provide teaching lessons on how to learn creole, Haitian creole language translation services and a Kreglish Methodology based book on Haitian Creole. 

Ans: Haitian Creole is unique in its own grammar, linguistics and dialect but has been influenced by French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ans: Because as stated above Haitiam Creole is completely different from French in its grammar and linguistics, a french translator will not be able to translate your documents in Haitian Creole. Our native Haitian creole translators make sure your translations in creole are error free and convey the right context of your original documents.

Ans: We provide translation services which serve our Haitian, french and English speaking folks. Our translations are between Haitian Creole, English and French.

Ans: You can get certified translation services for your Legalese , court proceedings and immigration documents. Our notarized translations will cater to all your needs.

We also provide hard copies of your certified translated documents. If you’re looking for the best certified translation services in the US, Jacques Julmice is the answer.