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Best Legal translation providers for our Haitian customers

We know the struggles of our Haitian people, despite being the first independent state in the world, the economic poverty and natural disasters haven’t made life easier. We at Jacques Julmice are here to help with our Haitian creole to English, English to Haitian creole and French translation services

Let us use our 18 years of legal translation experience to and from Haitian Creole and French.

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100% Accurate Translations

At JacquesJulmice, quality is a trait we never compromise on, our legal and various other translations are an outcome of extensive fool proof process providing you with the best quality translations.

Competitive Pricing

We ensure our high quality services are affordable to a large number of people regardless of their class and status. A standard we maintain with empathy and care for our customers. Contact us for a free estimation quote of your requirements.

Finest Team Of experienced native legal Translators

With a team of expert native translators we are well equipped and experienced to provide you the finest legal translation services in Creole , English and French

Choose your Legal Translation Company Wisely

Let the best translators  handle your Personal and Legal documents at JacquesJulmice

Legal documents hold immense value for you as a person, your credibility as a loyal citizen and your business’s legal value is defined by how well you have documented the processes. Now imagine your effort going into vain just because of misinterpretation of your legalese by an unskilled translator. Save yourself from such a situation by choosing JacquesJulmice for your legal translation provider.

Our Clients belong amongst the top businessmen to small scale startup owners, we have a flawless process ensuring the best of our translator’s skills transfer into your projects.

Why is Legal Translation important?

The rapidly advancing world is seeing growing globalization of business, immigration to developed countries like the US and therefore demand for translation of significant documents. Expanding to another region whether business wise or physically is impractical without legal procedures between the two countries. Our legal translation services come into play for the practical work required when you think of any of the above changes in your life.

Take charge of your legal Document Translation journey



When you are looking for a professional legal translator what skills come to your mind that are a must have in the person going to handle your personal and confidential documents? 

Never thought about it did you? Let us have a look at the skills of a legal translator at Jacques Julmice.

  • Keeps the legal system of source in mind when translating your document .
  • Also considers the target judiciary audience in mind.
  • Keeps functionality of text in mind.
  • Understands the various approaches to translation but doesn’t discredit the theory of translation
  • Understands the parts of the documents in focus which cannot be equivalently corresponded in target language.
  • Has extensive experience of the different domains of law and deals with the client’s documents professionally.
  • Uses our encrypted system to secure client’s personal and sensitive information which helps the discrete process.
  •  Is guided by certain Standards of linguistics, social and cultural preferences and other nuances in the world of law.
  • Produces quality translations 
  • Provides Accurately translated documents which preserve the original message.

What makes our legal translation approach flawless? Our process at A Glance:

When you contact us with your legal papers which can be :

  •  Will
  • Statements, 
  • Birth/Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Patents, 
  • Contracts,
  • International litigation, 
  • Antitrust matters, 
  • Immigration documents, 
  • Codes of conduct, 
  • Acts of Law
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies
  • Transcriptions
  • Other official records


We first go through your legalese and assign your task to the most suitable professional native translator at our end to lead your project with all the care and sensitivity it requires,

Secondly we keep a strong policy of ontime turnarounds so you can continue with your final steps to utilize the translations.

We also keep a close check at the quality and accuracy of your document , since these parameters are uncompromisable in our process.

Lastly we assist you with certified documents or notarizations at any point free of cost to make things easier.


What document types do we support?

We support all file types as long as you are dropping them to our email or by fax when contacting us, whatever document type floats your boat is welcomed by us. We also provide hard copies of your translations when requested, help us get to know all your requirements so we can tailor to your needs. Contact us at our Phone # or email us at sakpase@jacquesjulmice.com , or message us with your needs in the contact us space below the page.

Additional free services we offer to make your experience smooth

Certified documents

We offer certified translation services for your special needs of immigration, Our certifications  have 100% guaranteed acceptance at USCIS status and also cater to other national authorities.

Notarized documents

For our customers requiring notarization at any point, we are ready to assist without additional charges, this is solely to make our translation services the most convenient choice for you.

Customer Care at your Service 24/7

We offer our clients the finest customer care service, with a well trained professional support team you have 24/7 assistance just a message/email or call away. Ask away any of your queries and you will be guided by our amiable support team. Need to get an update on the progress of your project? Not a thing to worry about, our responsive team will provide you with every detail you require. We welcome your valuable involvement and questions to help you at any point before, during or after the legal translation process.