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Introducing Kreglish: A Whole New Way of Learning a Language

What do you get when you combine Creole (Kreyòl) and English?
You also get a method of learning Creole that is incredibly effective, incredibly fast, and incredibly easy.
Kreglish uses the knowledge you already have of English to leverage your learning of Creole.
That means you already have a head start.
Lots of words in Creole look or sound just like words you already know in English.
That’s the foundation of the Kreglish methodology.
Associating new words with words you already know helps you learn far more effectively.

Say this:
“P T”.
You’ve just said the word “piti” in Creole, which means “small”.
How easy was that?

Learning creole language

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Here's How It Works

We start off really simple

Lee Vinny Shaq Sam D

sounds just like the Creole sentence:

Li vini chak Samdi.

and it means:

She or he comes every Saturday.

Messy poo toot bag I.

This is going to feel more like play than learning.
Read this sentence out loud; don’t pause; you even want to connect bag and I at the end as if it’s just one word:
Messy poo toot bag I
You’ve just said “thanks for everything” in Creole. 

Sentences You Can Read

Here are a few more examples. If you have access to someone who speaks Creole, have them translate what you say so you can validate that they understand you. We’ve also added the audio so you can hear and repeat as many times as you need to.  Remember that practice makes perfect.

A Short Conversation

A couple of questions and answers:

Where is he from?

He’s from Haiti

What did you say?

The kids are also from Haiti


A Longer Conversation

Look at you. You’re pronouncing Creole words like a master already.

With the methods and tools that Creole Meets English will give you, you’ll be pronouncing Creole correctly within an amazingly short time.

Keep in mind that all new learners are going to have an accent when they first start learning a language. But even saying these English words the way you naturally say them is enough to be understood by a native speaker. In our mini-course Creole101 we’ll give you tips on how to pronounce words well.

Kreglish is all around us

There also are some English words that sound like some Creole numbers. Here are a few examples:

  • set sounds like “sèt” and is equivalent to 7
  • dues sounds like “douz” and is equivalent to 12
  • van katt sounds like “venn kat” and is equivalent to twenty-four, and
  • mill sounds like “mil” and is equivalent to a thousand
  • when 10 precedes a noun or another number, we don’t pronounce it dis, we instead pronounce it like the letter D or Dee as in Dee mill

Transition to Creole ( Kreyòl) Pronunciation

These 4 Vowels Are a Gateway to Mastering Creole

A… E… I… and O.
Not too hard at all!
Learning these vowels will allow you to pronounce Kreyòl, and they never change, so what you learn today will stick with you forever.

  • A is pronounced [ah] as in alpha.
  • E is pronounced [ey] as in obey; the difference is that the ending y is silent.
  • I is pronounced [ee] as in Vinny.
  • And O is pronounced [oh] as in so; the difference is the ending oh sound is sudden. 

Now We’re Getting There! Let’s Learn to Read.

Once you’ve got the hang of the vowels, you can learn to read Creole.
The sound of those vowels will take you a long way… you’ll already be able to read a surprising number of words.
Here are just some.
la, pa, sa, ka, se, te, mare, bale, pate, pike, kepi, sale, tire, fasil, difisil, piti, pile.

You’ve Already Got a Rich Vocabulary

You haven’t realized it, but you already know more than you think you do.
You already know Creole words.
Creole and English have words in common: words that are spelled the same and mean the same thing.
Once you know those 4 vowels, you can pronounce them well.

same spelling and meaning

The next words have the same spelling as an English word, but they mean something different.

Same spelling but different meaning

All It Takes is 5 Minutes


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