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Creole Meets English

The Kreglish Methodology

Creole is one of many precious gifts my ancestors left me. I call it my mother tongue. I feel so fortunate to have been inspired to come up with KREGLISH, this amazing methodology that allows a seamless transition from English to Creole. If you’re an English speaker, you can now begin speaking Creole within minutes of picking up this book.


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Introducing the unique Kreglish methodology, which simplifies the language learning process.


The Basics - 10 letters of the alphabet sound like Creole words when pronounced in English.


Phonetics - Key sounds to get you speaking and reading as soon as possible.


R2R, Relate to Remember - I share method that helps with memorization I've used for years.


The pronouns - Introducing the Creole pronouns.


Cognates & Substitutes - Words you're familiar with to start building your vocabulary.


A quick, fun, and efficient method

One of the most significant challenges to learning a language is the motivation to keep going. What if you could begin speaking with confidence from your very first lesson? In Creole Meets English: Kreglish – The Easiest Way to Learn Creole, aspiring speakers will have all the tools necessary for early language success. Begin speaking immediately by utilizing the pronunciation of common words you use every day to improve your Creole vocabulary and accent. Delve into the rich history and vibrant culture that come from studying the nuances of Creole, and use your newfound skills to enjoy the rewarding experience of fluent conversation with native speakers.

The particular genius of the Kreglish Method lies in using the words you already know in English as a catalyst for learning Creole vocabulary. With this technique, students can use common English words as a mnemonic aid for learning and pronouncing Creole phrases. Each chapter is a short, easily absorbed lesson that adds new information while building on the practical skills learned from the very beginning. Rather than filling students with hundreds of vocabulary words and grammar rules before ever attempting a conversation, readers will hit the ground running with a conversation from the very first lesson, progressing towards full fluency.

About The Kreglish Methodology

Some of the advantages of the Kreglish Methodology

The methodology is so simple that children can join in the fun. You’ve probably heard the name “Vinny” and written or read the word “map” thousands of times, but it might surprise you to discover that both of these familiar words can add to your growing vocabulary of Creole. Building your knowledge of Creole one familiar English word at a time helps to remove the tedium and intimidation students can often feel when embarking on new language study. By simply placing the two words together and saying “map Vinny,” you’ve spoken your first sentence in Creole and told people, “I’m coming.” It is that simple, and with this book as your guide, you’ll soon be engaging in lively conversations with native speakers.

Acquire Multiple Skills Simultaneously

In most standard language programs, it’s challenging to work on your accent while learning unfamiliar grammar and memorizing new vocabulary all at the same time. The challenge of juggling these very different tasks can stall the excitement of learning a new language. When you study Creole using the Kreglish Method, you’ll effortlessly pronounce the words correctly because you already know the sounds from your mastery of English. With this simplified language learning process, you can add new words and move quickly through the levels, looking forward to each new lesson.

The Kreglish Methodology

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The Easiest Way to Learn Creole

$29.99 Only


Who is Jacques Julmice?

Jacques Julmice grew up with the rhythm and music of Haitian Kreyòl as his earliest memory and first language. By the time he left high school, he spoke French, English and Spanish in addition to his native Creole. Working for a time as a translator filled Jacques with a passion for teaching his beloved Creole to first-time learners. In seeking to simplify the process of language learning, he developed his unique Kreglish Method, honing his unique insights into a proven technique that gives students immediate success. His goal is to share Creole with the world and to eliminate illiteracy in his beloved Haiti.


The Easiest Way to Learn Creole

$29.99 Only

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The Kreglish Methodology

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