Creole Meets English

The Kreglish Methodology

Creole is one of many precious gifts my ancestors left me. I call it my mother tongue. I feel so fortunate to have been inspired to come up with KREGLISH, this amazing methodology that allows a seamless transition from English to Creole. If you’re an English speaker, you can now begin speaking Creole within minutes of picking up this book.

Learning creole language

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Lessons to Learn Kreyòl Instantly

New awesome articles to speak Kreyòl now.

T moon yo pap Vinny

"Read the above text as if you're reading a sentence. Great, you just spoke Creole and you said "The kids aren't coming" Correct Creole Spelling: Ti Moun Yo Pap Vini.


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Hurry and grab your copy of Creole meets English
Hurry and grab your copy of Creole meets English