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Creole is one of many precious gifts my ancestors left me. I call it my mother tongue. I feel so fortunate to have been inspired to come up with KREGLISH, this amazing methodology that allows a seamless transition from English to Creole. If you’re an English speaker, you can now begin speaking Creole within minutes of picking up this book.

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T moon yo pap Vinny

"Read the above text as if you're reading a sentence. Great, you just spoke Creole and you said "The kids aren't coming" Correct Creole Spelling: Ti Moun Yo Pap Vini.


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Language learning can be time consuming and ineffective without the correct approach. Some people stick to it no matter how long it takes while others have too much on their plate and move on before they build a solid foundation. Nowadays we have very little time and can’t afford traditional methods that have been in use for centuries. Those methods do get the job done; I know because I’m a product of those methods but they take way too long for these modern times. Nowadays innovative folks are coming up with quicker yet more effective methods for every discipline, including language learning. And that’s exactly what we’ve done at Jacques Julmice; we are a leading platform where Creole language learning is quick, convenient, and effective.

We offer 1 on 1 and small group sessions at your convenience on Kreyòl language. Our book Creole Meets English makes learning Creole much easier and help with language learning in general through the technique we’ve used over the years that we share with our readers in the book and in the private Creole classes.  Whether you are a beginner or you have some prior experience with Creole, our methodology will surely help you enhance your knowledge of the Haitian Creole language. We use a proprietary method that we coined Kreglish where we get you started with reading English that sounds Kreyol in this Creole English learning book. If you want to speak the Creole language fluently, we’ll get you there like we’ve done for so many others.

You get to speak on day 1; in fact you can start speaking right this minute by reading various expressions and sentences that are exclusively made up of English words by visiting our methodology page. Even if you intended to learn a different language like French, Italian or Spanish, Arabic or Swahili the knowledge you’ll acquire and the technique you’ll pick up while you learn Creole will help you transition to a third language with ease. You can easily learn Haitian Creole when you study with us and you’ll have fun doing it. Our Kreglish method is very popular with young Haitian Americans and the polyglot community because it’s so relatable. Haitian Creole language learning has never been easier and our method is built for the times. We hope you take advantage of this Creole book today and start learning from the convenience of your home either on your own or by joining our online sessions using Zoom web conferencing. Click here to learn more about the book and methodology.

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Hurry and grab your copy of Creole meets English
Hurry and grab your copy of Creole meets English