Creole Meets English: Kreglish – The Easiest Way to Learn Creole

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  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Toot Moon Lee Publishing (September 17, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1734019409
  • ISBN-13: 978-1734019407
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.7 x 10 inches


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Make Learning, Understanding, and Speaking Creole Easy & Fast! The Smart Way with Kreglish!

If you’re one of the people who thinks learning a new language is hard and time consuming then this is the book for you. Kreglish is a new way to learn Creole that makes mastering the language a quick and simple process.

The Creole Meets English language learning book will help you recognize Creole alphabets, identify the words and teach you to pronounce them with confidence. Kreglish isn’t just a book, it’s a new methodology that will help you learn Creole in the shortest time so you can keep up with most conversations while laying a solid foundation for the future.

Teach Yourself Creole Anytime & Anywhere!

Whether you’re on a flight and only have a couple of hours to learn Creole or simply planning a vacation, this book will allow you to easily teach yourself Creole without taking up all your time. You can bring Creole Meets English along and learn enough during the flight to be able to communicate when you get there.

It’s filled with most words, phrases, and examples you need to know to get through your trip. Coupled with the unique self-instruction resources, it allows you to hold a conversation with a native speaker under various situations in less than 24 hours! It’s the perfect choice for travelers or anyone else who wants to expand their skill set. It can also be used to teach kids Creole from an early age.

Key Features of Kreglish:

Build a Foundation
Allows you to start speaking Creole immediately using essential words and phrases.

Learn with Confidence
Helps you learn phrases and words to formulate full sentences and actual conversations.

Achieve Your Goals
Helps you develop practical language skills instead of simply memorizing vocabulary.

Learn from what You Know
We use hundreds of words that are spelled the same way in English and Creole to help you understand faster and better.

Made for Everyone
Filled with sentences and mocked conversations for adoptive parents, adopted children, vacationers, business travelers, and medical professionals

Start learning Creole today and begin speaking like a native. Meet Your Goals With Creole Meets English

5 reviews for Creole Meets English: Kreglish – The Easiest Way to Learn Creole

  1. Nadine P. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried different methods of learning a new language, and Jacques’ Kreglish method has been the most successful in the shortest amount of time! I learned to speak/read/write Creole. This is an amazing tool to learn Creole. I took one on one classes with Jacques for about 6 weeks (one class per week), studied notes in between each class and I also purchased the book. I highly recommend this book! And reach out to Jacques via email or social media. He’s here for you and wants to help you learn if you need more help than just using the book. I suggest taking a few online classes so that you can hear the annunciation between the words. This is very important. He will set the foundation for the basics and you will be on your way. Don’t waste your money or time on any other method to learn Creole, this is all you need right here.

  2. Jasmine “Jaye” Mensah

    Haitian Creole has become the easiest Language I have ever learned due to J. Julmice’s book and group sessions. I took Spanish in school and remember so little of it, I also self taught myself some French and ewe. Julmice has made this whole process so easy i feel it is as if I grew up speaking this beautiful language. And I have only just completed my 3rd group session, It is truly amazing how easy he has made learning! I also am confident that in the way he teaches this will not become one of those languages I learned and lose or forget later on! Thank you JJ for making this so fun, easy, and relatable for English speakers to Learn and Love your native Language. I will soon be able to say with Confidence “Mwen pale kreyol, (i speak creole), Mesi pou tout bagay Jacques ( thanks for everything Jacques).

    I must add I like this book so much I purchased a second book to gift to someone else and held a Giveaway through my business to get someone else started in learning creole.

    Don’t Hesitate to invest in yourself, Buy the Book and get some a few Lessons too!

  3. Jean-Marie Desrosiers

    In this entertaining and groundbreaking book, the author, creator of the renowned ≠KreGlish methodology, the audio-based language learning concept, shows how anyone can learn to speak a foreign language… If learning a language in high school left you bruised, with a sense that there was no way you can learn another language, Creole Meets English will restore your sense of hope.
    In simple, straightforward terms, this book will help you learn Creole seamlessly. With Creole vocabulary, practiced pronunciation of common words and accent, you will come out sounding like a native…

  4. Keia Bolden

    Let me be the first to say I am enjoying getting back to the basics in connecting and learning the Kreyol mother tongue created by our ancestors! Jacques’ Kreglish method makes memorization super easy and helps to retain learning by making a connection with words you already know in English. Highly recommended to anyone starting to learn and those who may simply want to brush up on their skills. Much appreciation and thanks to Jacques for his patience in our one-on-one lessons.

  5. Grego

    As someone who adores the Creole language, I’m always looking for ways to help others speak the mother’s tongue. It’s been a challenge teaching kids who weren’t born and raised in Haiti to master the language. The Kreglish method works and is very effective because it allows English speakers to effortlessly be able to pronounce Creole words on their own without any assistance. I can’t recommend it enough and I’m still enjoying this book every chance I get. Hopefully an audio version of the book is in the works! Bravo for this awesome initiative! 👏🏿👏🏿

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